Rainclear Systems adds new adjustable offset to galvanised steel range

Rainclear Systems has introduced a new two-part, adjustable offset to the Infinity Galvanised Steel and Colour Coated Galvanised Steel ranges, which are available to buy online.

Until now, the only way to create an offset in the Galvanised Steel and Colour Coated Galvanised Steel downpipes was by:

  • Using the 60mm fixed offset (for example: GST80OS60) for up to a 60mm projection
  • Using 2 no. 70 degree bends together for up to a 210-255mm projection, depending on the diameter of the pipe (and a 240mm drop)
  • Using 2 no. 70 degree bends along with a cut down length of pipe in between (with some of the 3m length of downpipe going to waste if it could not be used elsewhere).

Rainclear Systems has worked with manufacturers to create a two-part, adjustable Offset – in Galvanised Steel and currently in four of the seven Robust Coated Galvanised steel colours it stocks, in the 80mm and 100mm diameter pipes – to add a solution for offsets of up to 700mm.

The company also encourages RCI readers to view its YouTube channel, which features its “How to measure the offset you require” and other guidance videos.