Rustic charm for historic barn

Marley Eternit’s Lincoln interlocking pantiles have been used for a double barn conversion project in the Teversal conservation area. The innovative tiles were chosen as an easy-to-fix way of achieving the traditional pantile aesthetic required by local planning.

Set in the historic village of Teversal in Nottinghamshire, Dovecote and Teversal Barns are an important part of the area’s agricultural heritage. Although the original pantiles had been retained when the barns were converted to residential use, over time the historic roofs had fallen into a state of disrepair and Adrian Smith Builders were appointed to complete a full roof refurbishment on both of the barns.

Set in a conservation area, with many listed buildings dating back as far as the 12th century, traditional red clay pantiles are an important part of the local vernacular in Teversal and are often dictated by planning. With a roof structure that was far from flat, Adrian Smith recommended a new type of pantile that would be easier to install, but still give the traditional curved rustic aesthetic dictated by planning. As a result, the Lincoln interlocking pantile in Rustic Red was chosen for the project.

Adrian Smith explained: “Our supplier, Tippers in Huthwaite, told us about the Lincoln interlocking pantile, which had recently become available to the market and when we offered it as an option to our customer, they agreed.

“Teversal village is in a conservation area, so roofs are either Welsh Slate or traditional red pantiles. However, traditional pantiles are really cumbersome to install, so the Lincoln is a welcome alternative and one we would definitely use again. We couldn’t believe how much quicker and easier to install the tiles were, yet the finished roof still has the beautiful curves and rustic charm of a traditional pantile roof. As the barns are so old, the roofs aren’t completely straight but the interlocking tiles followed the shape and contours seamlessly.”

Ideal for use in conservation areas, the Lincoln interlocking pantile helps specifiers and contractors to achieve a traditional aesthetic in a fraction of the time. The tile has a completely open gauge which can be adjusted on the roof, providing flexibility, without the need for complicated setting out or specialist skills. The back of the tile has reportedly been designed to avoid rocking during installation and the deep ribs provide a secure fit. As simple to install as a concrete roof tile, the Lincoln can be used at an extremely low minimum roof pitch of just 17.5°

Daniel Redfern from Marley Eternit, explained: “We’re delighted that Adrian Smith and his customers chose the Lincoln for this roof refurbishment. This is exactly the type of project that the tile was designed for, to offer installation speed and simplicity when planning or the local vernacular dictates a traditional pantile. The finished roof looks stunning, retaining the agricultural heritage aesthetic of the area, but with modern roofing technology and standards.”

The Lincoln tile is available in Rustic Red and Natural Red with a comprehensive range of fittings. The Rustic Red is said to create a premium reclaimed finish suitable for use on properties required to match the local vernacular or subject to local planning conditions. The Natural Red has a smooth more uniform appearance with clean lines.

Compatible with Marley Eternit’s Universal Dry Fix systems and Mortar Hip and Ridge fixing kits, the pantiles can also be installed with the manufacturer’s one-piece tile clip, SoloFix, which can save up to 30% roof clipping time compared to traditional clip fixing.