StructureCare launches new website and looks to the future

Now under the Construction Products Group (CPG) Europe banner, and with an experienced, proven team at the helm, StructureCare has welcomed 2021 with a new website, which is simple and designed to aid the architect, surveyor, contractor and asset manager when specifying the company’s products and services.

The website looks at the six business areas – roofing, structural waterproofing, car parks, movement joints, concrete repair and corrosion management, and asset management – on the front page, so one click directs the visitor quickly to where they need to be.

Other new areas encompass downloadable product and technical brochures; full case study reports that illustrate in detail how StructureCare works on each project; CPDs; news and blogs.

Regarding other plans for 2021, Ryan Williams, business development manager at StructureCare, said: “We are looking forward to completing our current projects, starting new ones and implementing our product development strategy. Lots of plans and new projects are in the pipeline. The new website, and our professional social media, will be updated regularly, so we are maximising our communications to our customers and partners.”

StructureCare is a structural maintenance and repair company, providing a range of product and service portfolios covering the infrastructure, industrial, retail, commercial and residential industry sectors in the UK.

The team specialises in transforming car parking facilities, waterproofing elevated service decks, flat roofs and podium slabs, as well as installing specialist protective coatings and movement joints to prolong the life of a structure.

The StructureCare website can be found here.