The alternative to old asbestos roofs

Huw Davies from Pensaer HD Architect specified Cembrit’s B5 corrugated sheet to transform the roof of the 60-year-old village hall

Cembrit B5 has been used to transform a 60-year-old village hall and improve the roof’s performance through its superior water shedding capacity when compared with the old 3” profile.

Gorsgoch village hall in Ceredigion, Wales, required a refurbishment after being closed for a number of years and, in particular, the narrow asbestos cement corrugated sheet needed to be replaced with a durable and attractive looking roof. Local contractor Jeff Thomas worked on this project, and Huw Davies from Pensaer HD Architect specified Cembrit’s B5 corrugated sheet.

Huw Davies, of Pensaer HD Architect, commented: “The durable and low maintenance credentials of Cembrit’s B5 corrugated sheet made it ideal for use on this project.

“Cembrit’s robust onsite service options and the technical support representatives were of great use on this project. The team were extremely helpful, assisting me with all of my enquiries and this has really helped to make the project a success.”

The contractor installed a Plain Wing Angle Ridge to provide sufficient ventilation and natural grey coated B5 corrugated sheets, providing a finish that blends in well with the countryside setting.

The company says the rust and rot free B5 Corrugated Sheet is the perfect solution for someone looking to clad or repair single-story buildings such as stables and garages. B5 is available in fourteen different lengths ranging from 4′ to 10′ 6″ and the sheets are approximately 40% wider than traditional 3″ profile, allowing for much better coverage per sheet.

They also offer superior water shedding capacity due to the profile of its corrugations and can be laid to a 5° pitch for small roof areas if the end laps are extended to 300mm and are double sealed with mastic strips.

The product comes with number of accessories including a one-piece close fitting Cranked Crown ridge that can fit into roof pitches, two-piece lose fitting ridge which is adjustable to roof pitches and the Plain Wing Angle ridge that can create high level ventilation.

Also available are the Cemsix Barge Board, which is used to close verges at gable ends, and the one-piece and two-piece Roll Top Finial, which forms an integral part of closing a verge apex.

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