The effect of extreme weather on metal roofs and gutters

Over recent years, we have seen some of the most bizarre weather conditions in the UK and this trend is predicted to continue in the future. This year in July, we saw the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK at 38.7C (101.7F), but also this month, rainfall was significant, as Cheshire experienced more than twice the average rainfall for the month (219%).

These fluctuations in temperature and periods of heavy and sustained rainfall have a major impact on metal roofs and their gutter networks. Metal expands and contracts with the changes in temperature. On a roof, as movement occurs, the existing coating can tighten and crack, cut edge corrosion can occur, gaps can appear at poorly installed interfaces and fixings can work loose. In a gutter, this movement is compounded by the deluge of rain and on older, incorrectly designed or poorly maintained gutters, topping over can occur.

When specifying solutions for a metal roof and its gutter network, it is important that we are confident in the performance of the materials and that they can cope with current and future weather extremes.

Why is Sharmans best-in-class?

Our service:
We are confident that our service offer is the best in the market, as we are the only manufacturer that can offer the following package:

Gutter capacity calculations: We run calculations to ensure your existing gutter can cope with a modern-day deluge and if it can’t, we offer design advice.

A product that can increase gutter capacity: Our Plygene gutterline system can be designed to add depth to a gutter. With over 20 years of product heritage, all of our products are tried and tested in these environments giving you peace of mind.

With a 25-year single point waterproofing guarantee, our Delcote and Plygene gutterline systems are available with a 25-year guarantee, covering both materials and labour.

In addition to the above, we support you at every stage of the process. Starting with a site survey and condition report, we then consult with you to agree the appropriate performance specification to match the project needs.

Competitive quotes are provided by our approved contractors, and our team of technical services managers then work hand-in-glove with the appointed contractor and carry out site audits and inspections of the works before authorising the release of the system guarantee. In this way, quality is assured for all the project stakeholders.

Our products:
Versatile through 30 years of practical site experience and ongoing product development, our systems are suitable for all types of gutter and roof complexity across different substrates.

On the roof:
Our roof coatings are 100% silicone and boast the following performance features:

Thermal stability:
Remains flexible in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

UV stable:
Tested for over 30 years where elastic and physical properties are maintained.

Doesn’t chalk and lose thickness over time:
Physical and performance properties are retained.

High Solids and Low VOC:
Environmentally responsible.

No increase in mass after water immersion test:
Unaffected by standing water.

Full compatibility:
Using only 100% silicone components that are chemically and adhesively compatible without the need for additional reinforcement.

Primerless adhesion to most substrates:
No need for additional primers.

In the gutter:
Our seamless gutter lining system is non-bonded in design and thermally expands and contracts independently from the gutter substrate material. This means that as the gutter itself thermally moves, the integrity of the gutter lining is not compromised and will not craze and crack like liquid coatings, or open at the joints like other bonded systems. Hence performance integrity is fully designed into the full product lifecycle.

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