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1/3 UK solar jobs lost

PWC and STA survey shows support for tax breaks to re-boot struggling UK solar sector as global market accelerates

“Huge increase in the running costs” of both existing and new...

Solar industry says intervention by ministers is required to avoid crippling tax hike and “negative returns”

STA launches Stunning Solar

STA publishes booklet showcasing the possibilities of combining great design and competent installation with building-integrated solar technologies

Outcry at Government proposal to drop solar thermal from UK renewables...

British manufacturers and social housing providers join call for urgent rethink

Renewables obligation support scheme drops solar roofs

Big commercial solar roofs have officially been cut out of the Renewables Obligation support scheme

Solar industry takes another hit ahead of FiT Review decision

STA responds to the recent Government proposal to increase VAT for home solar installations to 20% just weeks before a final decision is made on the fate of the Feed-in Tariff

Redundancies abundant as a result of proposed cuts to solar

Survey shows 576 workers already made redundant in over 200 solar companies and a further 1,600 people have been put on notice

New UK energy policy neglects renewables

Amber Rudd’s ‘new direction’ for UK energy policy commits to abolishing coal by 2025 but says little about the future of the renewables sector

Government may have to import renewable power to meet targets as...

Leaked letter shows UK not on track to meet renewables target and will have to make up gap from imports despite public still backing solar

Solar champion Narendra Modi signs solar deal

British solar industry urges Government to recognise global opportunity and back domestic industry