Why consider a career in construction?

Hudson Contract is looking to attract young people to a career in the construction industry with a new video campaign which features apprentices and employers, as well as Ian Billyard, the Principal of Leeds College of Building and the MP for East Yorkshire, the Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight.

The video is aimed at addressing potential industry skills shortages and inspiring young people to take up apprenticeships in the different construction trades such as bricklaying and plumbing. The video therefore highlights the benefits of a career in the industry, for the individual and the wider sector.

Recommendations from both male and female apprentices in the construction industry can be heard throughout the video. The testimonies of their experiences in the industry are designed to inspire other young people to consider and pursue a career in construction.

The managing director of Hudson Contract, Ian Anfield, can also be heard giving advice on the best ways to embark on a career in the construction industry, which he strongly believes is through an apprenticeship.

Hudson Contract founder and Chairman, David Jackson, said: “The success stories highlighted in the video are confirmation that dedicated apprenticeship schemes not only work, but inspire and excite young people beginning their career in the construction industry. We hope that our commitment to developing confident, passionate and motivated apprentices, alongside the introduction of the new Apprenticeship Levy launched by the Government in April, will play both a big part in addressing the potential skills shortage in the construction industry and inform young people of some of the exciting opportunities available to them.”

View the full Hudson Contract campaign video here.