Coatings experts launch the next generation in roofing systems

Thanks to its unique chemistry, the revolutionary single coat product can be applied in damp conditions and is recoatable – significantly extending the working window for roofing contractors, regardless of the weather.

The new hybrid system is primarily for industrial and commercial roof refurbishment. It’s the first of its kind, and the result of a partnership between Alltimes coatings and Blocksil, to develop a solution that would answer the industry’s long-term demands for a single coat, moisture tolerant product which can be recoated, without the need for additional primers.
Speaking of its launch, Chris Knowles, Chief Technical Officer at Blocksil says: “Thanks to its unique chemistry, Advantage is light, yet incredibly strong. It’s taken four years of extensive R&D and testing, but now the system is technically the best product on the market.”

The thin film coating has no membrane and is only 200 microns in thickness when applied. Because of its impressive spread rate, contractors can cover much larger surface areas than before, says Nigel Alltimes, MD of Alltimes Coatings.

It’s start/stop technology also means Advantage can be applied in stages without any time restrictions, giving contractors a new level of freedom and flexibility: “It’s fully recoatable, says Nigel. “Most systems you have to re-coat within eight hours, but now it doesn’t matter. You can go back at any time to complete or re-patch it.”

Thanks to its one coat nature, speed of application is quicker and with contractors only having to traverse the roof once, foot traffic is reduced by 50 per cent, making Advantage more efficient and economical, than other systems.

Scaffolding is needed for less time, and safety is greatly improved, with contractors spending less time working at height. There’s also the added benefit of it being solvent and VOC free which makes handling and storage easy.

During testing it significantly outperformed other coatings and anti-corrosive primers and has a 20-year product warranty with a 10 year latent defects insurance available, guaranteed by Lloyds of London.

For more technical information or a sample please go to or call 01453 872850.