DuPont seals the deal with UV facade

DuPont seals the deal with UV fa‡adeDuPont Tyvek UV Facade has been used as the advanced breather membrane solution for a residential extension featuring a western red cedar cladding system.

Point1 Building Systems were tasked with installing the system on a new two-storey self-build project connected to a period coach house in Long Ashton, Bristol. DuPont Tyvek UV Fa‡ade was installed directly behind the timber cladding and entirely wraps the structure, including the pitched roof.

DuPont Tyvek Butyl tape was also used to seal penetrations and DuPont Tyvek UV Facade tape to seal the laps. Excellent thermal efficiency and airtightness were crucial factors for the environmentally conscious project, which has been built using the fully insulating Kingspan Tek SIPS system and also features air source heat pumps and triple glazed panels.

Garry Dyke, director of Point1 Building Systems, said: “The cladding was not continuous and therefore we needed a completely black, waterproof and UV-resistant breather membrane that would not be seen. DuPont provided excellent technical support and really helped us to develop the specification for installing the membrane.

“We positioned counter battens vertically up and horizontally across the roof slope to accept the 44 x 18mm Western Red Cedar Cladding. We then laid battens over counter battens, also all stained black in order to match the subtlety of the membrane.”

Created especially for such applications, DuPont Tyvek UV Facade was developed using the same technology as the DuPont breather membrane. DuPont says the solution allows for greater freedom and confidence when designing ventilated facades and reliably protects against wind, water, interstitial condensation and air-leakage, while being resistant to UV damage and offering an entirely black finish. DuPont Tyvek UV Facade bears the CE mark in accordance with EN 13859-2 and rigorous testing has shown it can withstand UV exposure for a very significant length of time.

Mr. Dyke added: “Our installation team found this to be a very robust membrane that was easy to work with. What’s more, DuPont offers a good range of supporting seals and trims to assist in minimising puncturing etc.

“Altogether this is a superbly insulated project. In addition to DuPont Tyvek UV Facade and  the Kingspan TEK142 wall and roof panel system, we also installed a 25mm layer of TP10 (Thermapitch) to further reduce thermal bridging and improve heating response times. Overall we have achieved impressive through wall U-Values of 0.15W/m2.k.”

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