ITP Ltd launches new Euroclass A-rated vapour control layer

Building membrane specialist, Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP) Ltd, has launched a new vapour control layer with a Euroclass A rating which enables façade designers to maximise fire safety throughout an external wall system.

The company’s new FlameOut Block Class A product is independently tested to British and international flame retardant standards, including a Euroclass A2-s1,d0 rating which goes beyond the minimum regulatory requirement for vapour control layers and matches the fire safety classification required for other façade elements on buildings over 18m. It is tested as a system when used with Powerbond FR aluminium reflective tape and installed on a range of supporting structures.

Its glass based woven scrim and aluminium layer have a special protection coating to protect the aluminium from corrosion. It has a W1 rating for water tightness, excellent water vapour resistance and a reflective surface for extra energy efficiency. The glass reinforcement scrim provides excellent tensile strength in wall and roof insulations. The product is fully CE certified to BS EN 13984.

Marc van der Voort, managing director at ITP, said: “Our original FlameOut Block vapour control layer is well established on the market, offering superb durability and water repellence, outstanding protection against moisture and a Euroclass B-s1,d0 rating which is fully compliant with fire safety regulations. The product remains a highly popular specification, but we have invested in textile technology to develop an alternative FlameOut Block product that offers the same all-round performance combined with an upgraded Euroclass A2-s1,d0 rating.

“Building Regulations require a minimum rating of Euroclass B for vapour control layers, but many contractors, architects and façade specialists will welcome the availability of an A-rated option.  Our sector is increasingly concluding that, where possible, vapour control layers and breather membranes should meet the same levels of fire safety performance which are required by law for other external wall features such as cladding.”

FlameOut Block is part of an extensive range of protective membrane solutions manufactured by ITP. Specialising in systems which protect the long-term condition of the building envelope, the company also supplies roofing underlays, house wraps, ground barrier membranes, Euroclass A rated breather membranes and Euroclass B rated breather membranes. ITP is the exclusive UK supplier of the Safe One breather membrane which won Product of the Year in the Façade 2022 Design and Engineering Awards.

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