MCRMA offers latest advice on insulated roof panels

mcmraThe Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA) has released new guidance regarding the issues affecting the installation of an insulated roof panel system.

A guide to site installation of insulated roof panels provides advice on handling and storage, preparation, fastener selection, sealants and installation sequence. The nine-page document also includes information on cutting panels, and a checklist to be used once installation has been completed.

The MCRMA adds that manufacturers are best placed to offer advice about their particular products, with its member companies available to advise on the suitability and performance of their materials, systems and assemblies. The organisation suggests that those seeking advice should approach the manufacturer of the particular insulated roof panels being installed to ensure that the installation is carried out correctly and in a safe manner.

To download the MCRMA’s latest guidance on insulated roof panel systems,  click here

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