Non-combustible cladding systems cost less than foam-filled systems, according to Architectural Profiles

Architectural Profiles Limited (APL) says “non-combustible cladding systems cost less than foam-filled systems”.

Often heard above the noise of the current state of the envelope cladding debate is that ‘to provide a guaranteed non-combustible alternative to the problematical foam-filled systems would cost that much more as to make a project unviable’. Well, in the words of APL: “that is absolutely not true.”

According to APL, with ‘Cladsafe’ fully non-combustible systems, the actual cost of the system materials and installation is usually less than the traditional foam-filled alternatives – then, if one factors-in the greatly reduced cost of lower building insurance, the savings can be ‘remarkable’.

All APL products and systems provided under the Cladsafe banner are guaranteed non-combustible or fire-retardant. Thereafter, projects incorporating Cladsafe can seek further comfort through the APL Cladshield 25-year full system warranty which, not only gives the building owner all the right assurances, it also will further contribute to the very best building insurance rates.