The best of both worlds

Wrapping the interior side of the envelope, Tyvek AirGuard Smart acts as an air and vapour control layer (AVCL) but has also been formulated to adapt to rising humidity conditions and so allow any trapped, or unplanned, moisture to escape towards the inside of the building.

This variation is said to allow faster evacuation of built-in humidity in new construction elements (e.g. wet rafters). It also means avoiding humidity infiltration from living spaces into the building’s structure, thereby minimising the risk of expensive damage from damp and mould and so operating in the standard function of an AVCL.

With a variable water vapour resistance range of sd value 0.2m for a humid environment (1 MNs/g) to more than sd-value 35m for a dry environment (175 MNs/g), Tyvek AirGuard Smart is said to offer advantages from reduced drying out time for constructors to enhanced energy efficiency and comfort for the building owners.

‘Easy’ application also reportedly allows for continuous installation of the AVCL from the outside, without risking condensation to the upper side of the rafters and the product can be fitted to both flat and pitched roof constructions, with a high resistance underlay.

Tyvek AirGuard Smart also comes with the technical back-up of the Tyvek Building Knowledge Centre.