EJOT unveils SIPs specific fastener range

EJOT UK has released the first range in what will be a complete family of high performance fasteners for Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

The Yorkshire-based manufacturer says it has an industrious research and development team at the hub of its operation, which has developed a multitude of speciality fasteners already in place to fix rainscreen envelope components to structural panels. EJOT says the natural progression from this was to create a range specifically to secure SIPs to substrate.

EJOT’s first release – SIPstimber – includes a fastener to secure SIPs to timber, with another version designed for fixing panel to panel. The company says the key to development was the aim to arrive at a common diameter, which in this instance was 7mm.

Brian Mack, technical manager for EJOT said: “We wanted a common diameter to work efficiently across a range of fastener lengths. A larger diameter is proven to yield high pull-out strength and sheer values, creating a positive clamping effect.”

EJOT has determined fastener lengths to correspond to the depths of all main SIPs currently being installed. A positive recess allows installers to drive the fastener cleanly and securely via a torx T30 bit. Manufactured using case-hardened carbon steel to DIN EN ISO 10666, the SIPStimber JT2-SP2-7 range is also organically coated for 1,000 hour corrosion resistance.


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