New roof neutralises NOx particles

NewIslington_Noxite_05102015_60In response to feedback from tenants raising issues over water leaks and stained walls, Great Places Housing Group instructed IGL Surveying to assess the works necessary. With Icopal’s Noxite capsheet membrane, the project provided the opportunity for environmental concerns to also be addressed. The product neutralises NOx particles in the air, making it ideal for a building in such close proximity to Manchester city centre.

Woodward Place in New Islington, Manchester, was only eight years old when Great Places Housing Group became aware of issues with the roof. They decided the best solution for its tenants was to provide an entirely new roof. It was keen to remain considerate of the tenants whilst work was carried out and tasked IGL Surveying, D.J. Hughes and Young & Co with the challenge of carrying out the removal, repairs and installation.

The existing roofing system was entirely removed by Young & Co down to the plywood deck which was left so that the risk of damage to the surface and potential hazards to tenants could be minimised. Icopal’s thermically activated membrane was then used. Since the vapour control layer bonded directly to the primed plywood without the need of a gas torch, installation time was shortened so disturbance was reduced for the tenants. The added benefit is that the bond is completed when the upper side of the membrane is torched to receive insulation boards.

The limited access granted to roof areas meant careful and considerate planning was needed. Through a collaborative approach with Icopal, and a nomination of dedicated personnel responsible for various aspects of the project, unnecessary delays were eliminated.