ROCKWOOL extends flat roof support with new resource hub

ROCKWOOL has created a specialist platform to support flat roof insulation specification
ROCKWOOL has created a specialist platform to support flat roof insulation specification

In its latest move to support specifiers in selecting insulation for flat roof constructions, ROCKWOOL has launched a new Flat Roof Resource Hub that brings all relevant information and guidance into one place.

The online area comprises a wealth of technical literature, CPD learning modules and links to the latest Building Regulations for the fifth façade.

The Flat Roof Resource Hub has been created with the evolving role of the roof in current building design in mind. While traditionally practical in function, roofs are increasingly being used for solar panels or rainwater management, meaning effective and safe specification of building products is more complex.

Via this new hub, specifiers can find out more about how to overcome the challenges of insulation specification for flat roofs, as well as learn more about emerging changes to Building Regulations.

Case studies spanning multiple sectors and building types also feature on the Flat Roof Resource Hub, alongside a range of technical support resources including a handy Flat Roof Zoning Tool.

“The role of a flat roof has evolved in recent years and is often used as a platform for multiple functions,” said Will Wigfield, product manager at ROCKWOOL.

“That’s why we’ve launched this new Flat Roof Resource Hub so that specifiers can get clear, useful information on selecting insulation for flat roofs to meet design challenges – no matter how complex.

“Visitors can explore insulation solutions for flat roofs in 3D on our virtual demonstration stand, and find contact details for our expert flat roofing team who can provide specialist advice on the ground.”