School’s re-roofing project shapes up nicely thanks to BMI

23rd January 2020 BMI Redland Thorpepark Academy Hull

Geometrically shaped with many facets, the roofs of Thorpepark Academy in Hull now have a guaranteed extra 20 years of life after being fitted with a cost-effective overlay system devised by AHR consultants and BMI.

Built in the 1960s, this primary school consists of two separate octagonal buildings, each of which has an octagonal classroom at its centre, used for assemblies, drama, and physical education. The roofs were visibly ageing, so the Venn Academy Trust invited BMI and AHR consultants of Huddersfield to survey the roof and apply for Condition Improvement Funds.

As the survey found that the existing roofs were in good enough condition to remain in situ and act as the substrate, the bid was to install an overlay system that included BMI Total Torch Vapour Control, BMI Thermazone Roofboard Insulation, TorchSafe T.A. Underlay and Thermaweld FireSmart Capsheet.

James Wilkinson, regional director at AHR, said: “We chose BMI because they provided a robust solution to the waterproofing challenges, through their site surveys and initial specifications. They also offer technical support by way of regular site visits and issuing of site reports that ensure the project is installed as per specification. The guarantees underpin the whole process and products provided.”

Watershed Roofing was commissioned to carry out the project, as the complexity of the original roof design demanded accurate and skilled installation of the new roofing system.

Mark Atha, director of Watershed Roofing, said: “There are four octagonal roofs involved at Thorpepark Academy, so there are no off-the-shelf solutions to this. Each piece of roofing felt was cut by hand to fit these unusual shapes.”

As part of the refurbishment, the additional insulation raised the roof height by 130mm, so that the existing glazing units were no longer suitable. Watershed Roofing had to remove and replace various glazing panels, including all eight rooflights and two very large – 3m x 2m – Daglaze barrel vaults over the main staircases.