INCA sets out its own manifesto for the General Election

incaThe Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA) has published a manifesto ahead of the General Election calling on any future Government to set out a clear role for external wall insulation (EWI) as part of an energy efficiency strategy.

The INCA manifesto builds on the findings of a report (please link to from the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) published in April 2014, which outlined the benefits of solid wall insulation for the UK, including the employment, health and social impacts on residents.

The manifesto makes the case for a long-term energy efficiency strategy with sustainable funding initiatives. It first asks that a future Government recognise the economic case for investment in EWI to reduce carbon emissions and fuel poverty, create growth in the UK economy and to support community regeneration.

INCA goes on to suggest that an energy efficiency strategy be developed and implemented to support EWI on a large scale, with realistic targets for upscaling the delivery of EWI to insulate 3.5 million solid wall properties by 2030. It also calls on any potential Government to commit to consistent policies that allow the EWI industry to invest and plan for the future.

Finally, INCA’s manifesto suggests that prioritised funding for sustainable funding initiatives should be developed with input from the industry.

P draig Barry, chairman of INCA, said:

“There is still a huge challenge to meet, with the latest Government figures showing that only 3% of the 8 million solid wall properties in Britain have received insulation. At the current installation rate it will take around 150 years to insulate all solid wall homes, which undermines the important role upgrading our existing housing stock has on lowering carbon emissions and reducing fuel poverty. The General Election offers a real opportunity to make the industry’s voice heard and bring about a step change in the approach from Government.”

To view the full INCA manifesto, click here

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