Six-sided packaging perfect for large building materials

More insulation and building materials manufacturers, like Ruukki, Isover, Jackon and Finnfoam, have started using RoRo StretchPack® for packaging their products. RoRo StretchPack® developed by Tentoma, is an innovative solution for six-sided packaging using a stretch hood film. The products are packed horizontally into the tubular stretch hood film, so the final packaging has only strong short welding at each end. As a result, there will be no long welding along the side of the product that may break eventually.

100% waterproof packaging
RoRo StretchPack® provides 100% waterproof packaging which protects against penetration of dirt and moisture during storage and transportation, so the building materials are still in perfect condition when reaching the construction site. It is possible to have print on the packaging film, which is suitable for branding. RoRo StretchPack® not only improves packaging quality but also makes it possible to benefit from a fully automated packaging line with high repeatability. It gives high packaging capacity, and low maintenance requirements ensuring a high uptime.

Remove heat shrink and get up to 60% in film reduction

Utilizing a tubular hood stretch film, you will get tight packaging and avoid excessive use of film. Customer cases have shown film reductions by up to 60% compared to conventional packaging solutions such as heat shrink packaging and orbital wrapping. This is due to tight single-layer packaging. The film reduction is also because RoRo StretchPack® stretches the film for full utilization. This is in contrast to heat shrink packaging where you use excessive film for packaging, which you then need to heat up to reduce. So, RoRo StretchPack® gives you the possibility to remove heat shrink from your packaging line, thereby reducing your energy consumption significantly.

RoRo StretchPack® is based on well-proven stretch hood packaging technology for vertical hooding of e.g., pallets. Tentoma A/S has refined the technology for horizontal packaging, which enables 100% sealed packaging in just one operation. Tentoma installs and services packaging solutions worldwide.     

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