Actis backs HSE’s Dust Kills campaign

Credit: Adobe Stock / Chinnachote
Credit: Adobe Stock / Chinnachote

Insulation specialist Actis is supporting the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) month-long campaign to raise awareness of lung diseases caused by workplace dust.

The campaign, which is running throughout October, has the slogan “Dust, it can kill. Not today, but years down the line” and aims to protect workers from the long-term effect inhaling workplace dust can have while highlighting different, safer ways of working.

HSE experts claim that using power tools, sweeping and working with products, such as gypsum and wood are among activities which can be extremely harmful, without protection.

Sarah Jardine, chief inspector of construction at the HSE, said building workers are around a hundred times more likely to die from a disease caused or exacerbated by their workplace, than through a construction accident.

She said: “We want businesses and their workers to think of the job from start to finish, and avoid creating dust by working in different ways to keep dust down and wear the right protective equipment.”

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