Association for Project Safety appoints new president

Mark Snelling, the new president of APS.
Mark Snelling, the new president of APS.

The Association for Project Safety (APS) has appointed Mark Snelling as its new president.

Mark takes over from Ray Bone who will remain as an adviser to the board of directors until 31 January 2027.

Mark is a health, safety and fire consultant for the Property Institute and a member of the HSE’s Interim Industry Competence Committee’s Capability & Capacity Workgroup. He is also a founder director of the Building Safety Alliance.

Mark moved into health and safety – and then fire safety – after starting work as a construction project manager.

Mark has worked extensively in CDM compliance as a Planning Supervisor, CDM Coordinator and Principal Designer. He has developed and implemented safety management systems for a number of organisations including Ernst & Young, SEMA Group UK, SAS Scandinavian Airlines and the Rugby Football Union.

Commenting on his appointment, Mark said: “I am passionate about the Association for Project Safety and its members and delighted to be taking over as the president. This is a critical time for the UK’s construction sector – there is a huge amount of work to do, and the industry has to gear up to do this safely, quickly and well. 

“I believe there are great opportunities for APS and its members. I am determined they will be able to rely on the association to keep their professional skills at the forefront of what is needed in today’s challenging environment and on APS to allow them to demonstrate their competence. Our new competency registers – starting with the Principal Designer Building Regulations register that is coming on stream in April – as well as the work I have been doing on organisational capability, will mean clients and contractors can have confidence in the ability of APS members to carry out the duty-holder tasks construction laws demand.

“The UK’s built environment needs to up its game and APS is at the heart of developments on what competence looks like and how it can be demonstrated. I believe in APS and its members and that they can look forward with confidence to helping shape a safer and healthier future for construction in the UK.”

Independent chair professor Sam Allwinkle said: “I am very pleased Mark Snelling has become the president of the Association for Project Safety [APS]. Mark brings a wealth of industry experience to the role and a deep commitment to shaping the future of competence and safety standards in the UK’s built environment.

“Mark’s industry leadership is exemplary, and I believe his work developing standards for duty-holders and practices will make the sector a safer place for everyone. Mark has the knowledge and networks of contacts to influence and raise APS’s profile with government, industry, clients, the public and others – and that is good for the status of the association, its members and all our wider partners.” 

The association will be holding elections for president elect in due course.

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