BMI upcycles IT assets in sustainable initiative

Stack of old laptops.
Credit: AdobeStock/ThamKC

BMI is reducing its CO2 emissions by 1 million kilos and electronic waste by six tonnes as it adopts an IT asset upcycling initiative.

This joint initiative with Telefónica Tech UK&I will recycle, repurpose, or resell a total of 3,000 BMI units over the next two years, saving in total 1 million kilos of CO2, 76 million litres of associated water consumption, 4.8 million tonnes of earth (from being mined) as well as six tonnes of e-waste from heading to landfill.

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Telefónica Tech UK&I has built out BMI’s cloud-based desktop platform. This means less equipment on premises and more energy-efficient thin clients.

It also offers teams across the globe even greater flexibility to work in efficient, sustainable ways with greater control over their carbon footprint.

The range of IT assets vary from smaller items such as mobiles, notebooks, and desktop computers to much larger assets such as enterprise servers.

Under this initiative, processing costs are offset against the value of the upcycled assets, with credit provided against future orders to fund innovation projects.

This differs from asset recovery services, where assets are taken away and destroyed, with no value passed back to the original purchaser.

Antonio Bonillo, BMI’s head of technology, said: “BMI looks to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our practice. That’s why this asset upcycling initiative is key to helping BMI take steps to improve sustainability throughout our organisation.”

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