BSR’s new Industry Competence Committee appoints Chair and members

Credit: AdobeStock/Kirill Gorlov
Credit: AdobeStock/Kirill Gorlov

The Health and Safety Executive has appointed industry members and a Chair to the new Industry Competence Committee (ICC), which will have its first meeting in September.

The ICC will monitor industry competence, advise the BSR and industry and produce guidance to the public about assessing the competence of people in the built environment industry.

The committee will engage with a wide range of industry stakeholders and leaders to help this happen and bring in the knowledge required for the committee to give evidence-based advice.

The ICC members are:

  • Jon Vanstone (Chair) – Tech Influence
  • Sandra Ashcroft (Vice-Chair) – Health and Safety Executive
  • Jay Parmar – Joint Industry Board and CSCS Alliance
  • Lorraine Turner – UKAS
  • Steve Evans – National House Building Council
  • Lorna Stimpson – Local Authority Building Control
  • Wendy Belfield – InTandem Systems
  • Pete Dawber – Solvere Ltd
  • Ruth Devine – SJD Associates Ltd
  • Richard Harral – Chartered Association of Building Engineers
  • Nick Coombe – National Fire Chiefs Council
  • Dennis Davis – Fire Sector Federation
  • Alasdair Perry – British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association
  • Andrew Bulmer – The Property Institute
  • Anthony Taylor – Building Safety Alliance
  • James McNay – Hydrock
  • Kate Milford – Milford and Marah Ltd

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