Vivalda produces Building Safety Act explainer for contractors

Row of high-rise buildings.

Vivalda has produced a guide for contractors and installers who are unsure of how the 2022 Building Safety Act could affect them.

The single page explainer highlights the key changes proposed by the act, which was instrumental in setting up the new Building Safety Regular last year.

The guide also defines some of the key terms used in the act such as “The Golden Thread”, “Duty Holders” and “High-Rise Buildings”.

Peter Johnson, founder of Vivalda Group, said: “Over the past five years, we have been committed to improving understanding and spreading best practice regarding cladding within the building sector.

“The Building Safety Act is a central plank of the UK’s new safety regime, but we are concerned that not enough people working on-site are aware of these changes.

“We’ve produced this plain language guide so that everyone within the construction trade can benefit from a basic understanding of the principles of the act. This is important as it will drive many new aspects of safety legislation that will affect us all.”

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