Builders react to PM’s insulation pledge

Boris Johnson’s announcement to insulate more homes to protect people from the cost-of-living crisis has added weight to adopting a national green retrofit strategy, claims the building industry.

This comes as last week, the Prime Minister announced he was drawing up a plan to pump £1 billion into insulating homes before winter amid the cost-of-living crisis. This also comes in addition to his 2019 election pledge, where he said the UK government would invest £9.2 billion to insulate more buildings for energy efficiency.

The sector argued that a proper assessment of the householder’s home must come first to decide what remedial action is appropriate before insulating the property.

Rico Wojtulewicz, head of housing and policy at the National Federation of Builders (NFB), said: “There’s no point rolling out Icynene spray foam insulation in a property which has a cold roof as this would cause long-term damage and the product itself isn’t always welcomed by mortgage company surveyors.”

The industry has also been calling for green retrofit passports where a qualified tradesperson would assess a home and offer a bespoke improvement plan.

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