CCF appoints new head of customer sustainability

Phil Monkman, head of customer sustainability at CCF.
Phil Monkman, head of customer sustainability at CCF.

Insulation distributor CCF has appointed Phil Monkman to the newly created role of head of customer sustainability as part of its ongoing commitment to improving environmental and operational efficiency within the supply chain.

In his role, Phil will be developing new ways of working collaboratively through the entire supply chain, looking at the key issues of reducing carbon emissions, increasing recycling and supporting waste management, to deliver tangible results for CCF’s customers.

Phil said: “It’s all about fostering collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, customers as well as with other distributors. If we’re to achieve net zero we all have to work collaboratively and present real solutions for the whole supply chain to benefit from and that is going to be my main focus in this new position.

“CCF has already set out some really innovative initiatives and made headway in terms of improving sustainability from a supply chain perspective. Now I want to take these a step further to see how we can bring added benefits and value to our customers as part of this process.

“By understanding why these initiatives matter to our customers and tailoring them to provide the tangible benefits they need we’ll be well on our way to improving the distribution process, making it more sustainable and more efficient. I’m excited to see the impact these changes are going to have on the sector as a whole.”

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