Construction output increased by 1.6% in June 2023, ONS reports

Credit: AdobeStock/Lichtwolke99
Credit: AdobeStock/Lichtwolke99

Monthly construction output has increased 1.6% in volume terms in June 2023 thanks to increases in both new work (2.0%) and repair and maintenance (1.1%) in the month, the Office for National Statistics has found.

At the sector level, six out of the nine sectors saw a rise in June 2023, with the main contributors to the monthly increase seen in infrastructure new work and non-housing repair and maintenance, which increased 4.7% and 3.4%, respectively.

Meanwhile, quarterly construction output increased 0.3% in Q2 compared with Q1. The increase came solely from June 2023, with an increase in repair and maintenance (0.9%), while new work saw a decrease of 0.1%.

However, total construction new orders decreased 7.1% (£786 million) in Q2 2023 compared with Q1 2023. This quarterly fall came mainly from public other new orders and infrastructure new orders, which fell 32.9% (£576 million) and 26.5% (£519 million), respectively.

The annual rate of construction output price growth was 4.6% in the 12 months to June 2023; this has slowed from the record annual price growth in May 2022 (10.4%).

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