Data highlighting cheaper energy bills is encouraging for buyers of new build properties, says home builder

Genesis Homes Eco Home launch at Pennine View, Calthwaite.
Genesis Homes' Eco Home at Pennine View, Calthwaite.

House builder Genesis Homes has welcomed research highlighting that owners of more sustainable new build homes will save more than £2,000 a year on their energy bills.

The firm praised the Home Builders Federation’s (HBF) Watt a Save report, which has revealed that owners of new homes will save an average of £183 each month as a result of Ofgem’s new energy price cap.

The report reveals that new homes require approximately 105 kWh per m2 less energy use, while 85% of new homes have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of A or B – just 4% of existing dwellings hit the same energy efficiency standard.

In addition, new build homes emit on average 2.2 tonnes of carbon less than older properties on a yearly basis.

John Blue, managing director at Genesis Homes, said: “Data from the HBF highlighting the financial benefits of buying new homes is very encouraging in promoting more environmentally friendly housing as the country hurtles towards its goals of all homes being zero carbon ready by 2025.

“As a company, we take our commitment to reducing our impact on the planet incredibly seriously and have been buoyed by the HBF research which proves that the homes we build significantly reduce energy use and help people save money at a time of crippling energy prices and the astronomical cost of living.”

Genesis Homes is the developer behind the net-zero carbon emitting EcoGen development in Calthwaite, Cumbria, which consists of 16 homes powered by renewable energy sources, resulting in even lower energy bills for homeowners.

‘Green’ features of the homes include: solar photovoltaic panels, battery storage units, infrared heating panels in each room, solar assisted heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points, with all technology controlled by an integrated smart home application.

John added: “The HBF report justifies the endless hours which went into researching and then adapting more sustainable approaches to housing to ensure we could launch our EcoGen project, and we’re delighted with how successful the scheme has been.

“With just two remaining available homes, it shows that there is a real appetite for more environmentally friendly housing from the public and the minimal energy bills for the homes is an added incentive.”

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