Driving up industry standards

SMD has explained why it is happy to share technical data with clients, the construction industry and even rival businesses.

Poole-based SMD has published its latest concept design guide that includes design look-up tables for floor decking.

Available online as an interactive resource and in print format, the SMD publication is said to contain thousands of detailed specifications. It is aimed at structural engineers, architects and anyone looking to use SMD’s products.

Jamie Turner, technical director, said: “Our commitment is very much geared towards driving industry standards higher. We want to be the ‘go to’ place for technical knowledge.

“Our company mission is to be the UK’s leading provider of structural floor and roof solutions, so we must be philanthropic in the sharing of data.

“The White Book is intended to simplify the concept design stage – a three-stage interactive process for designers to use to ensure they select the right product for their project.”

SMD publishes many documents within its technical reference library, including Technical Guidance Notes (TGN Online), Elements Design Software, BIM specifications and training presentations.

Jamie added: “TGN Online is a very useful tool we have created – it was intended as an external resource, but SMD staff also find it invaluable.

“We have taken 10-15 years of technical queries from the industry which have been answered by SMD and spent a long time formatting them into this comprehensive and essential resource.

“This means our customers and clients can more often than not find the solutions they need on our website without having to call – and our staff can also answer queries with confidence using the TGN Online tool as a knowledge hub.”

TGN first went online this year and Jamie says it can answer 90-95% of queries.

He said: “Much of the information is in the public domain and there are no trade secrets, but TGN certainly makes the job easier and the client experience smoother and more cost-effective.”