JDP enhances delivery fleet

JDP's new 26 tonne HIAB (Hydrauliska Industri AB).
JDP's new 26 tonne HIAB (Hydrauliska Industri AB).

Drainage and water management solutions provider JDP has extended its delivery fleet to include a 26 tonne HIAB (Hydrauliska Industri AB) vehicle and nine delivery vehicles.

These additions to the fleet aim to optimise delivery efficiency and ensure a timely service.

Speaking about the new fleet investment, Darran Rickards, managing director at JDP, said: “The newly acquired 26 tonne HIAB vehicle represents a remarkable advancement in JDP’s logistical capabilities.

“Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a HIAB crane system, this vehicle will facilitate seamless and safe handling of heavy and bulky piping materials during delivery. It will operate out of our new flagship Leeds-Bradford branch and will serve as a vital asset for meeting the diverse needs of JDP’s customers.

“And the additional nine brand new delivery vehicles will ensure optimal reliability, fuel efficiency, and safety, enhancing the overall delivery experience for our customers while minimising the environmental impact.”      

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