New fire-resistant vapour control layer

The A. Proctor Group has launched a new high-performance fire-resistant vapour control layer, which is air and vapour tight, thus improving the energy efficiency and reducing the risk of condensation within residential and commercial buildings.

Procheck A2 is designed to protect the building fabric from the potential risks of condensation, whilst serving as an effective airtight barrier. The design consists of laminated glass fibre and foil protected by a clear lacquer. It is this clear surface, which provides Procheck A2 with a low emissivity surface, which when used with a service cavity, can enhance the overall performance of the building fabric, as well as ensuring a high fire protection performance, with an A2-sl,d0 fire classification.

The importance of best practice management of moisture vapour within buildings is crucial in ensuring the longevity of the building fabric and the occupants’ health. As buildings become increasingly better insulated, more airtight, and more energy-efficient, management of moisture at the design stage becomes critical. The introduction of Procheck A2 will ensure a high level of protection throughout the building’s lifespan.