New wind load guidance for metal cladding

mcrmaThe Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA) has published a new document to offer guidance on wind loadings and wall cladding to those involved in the specification process.

Buildings and their cladding are expected to withstand the most extreme weather conditions without risk of failure or loss of function. However, the MCRMA says such performance is only possible due to the care that goes into their design and the attention to detail during the manufacture and installation of the building envelope.

The new document, Guidance for wind loadings on roof and wall cladding, examines wind forces on buildings; the factors affecting wind loading, including location, altitude and the height and shape of the building; and practical considerations.

The guidance also outlines how to calculate wind loading correctly, as the MCRMA says that the only way to be confident that buildings will survive year after year is to ensure that this is determined properly, and that the correct cladding and fasteners are specified accordingly

In addition to the new guidance, MCRMA member companies can advise on the suitability and performance of materials, systems and assemblies. Loading and roofing / cladding design advice can also be obtained from any of the independent roofing and cladding inspectors featured on the MCRMA web site.

To download Guidance for wind loadings on roof and wall cladding, click here

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