Shadow energy minister visits Knauf Insulation

knaufShadow energy minister Jonathan Reynolds has visited Knauf Insulation’s headquarters in St Helens in support of Labour’s policy pledge to recognise the importance of energy efficiency.

Mr. Reynolds MP said: “Installing energy efficiency measures in your home is one of the best ways households can get their energy bills under control. It was therefore a pleasure to visit Knauf Insulation today (November 24) and to see the manufacturing process that lies behind making insulation.”

Josh Robson, head of public affairs at Knauf Insulation, said: “Energy efficiency is the single most effective means of establishing lasting energy security and improving the warmth of homes across the UK. However, current policy is not giving certainty to manufacturers like Knauf Insulation, or the micro-businesses that help make homes across the UK more energy efficient by installing insulation.

“We are delighted to have been able to give Jonathan a view of what we do here in St Helens, and around the UK, and to share with him the challenges that need to be overcome if a difference is to be made to families in cold winters like this one is likely to be.”

The visit was made as part of the Opposition’s preparations for the 2015 General Election. Mr. Reynolds said that if elected, the party’s plan for the energy efficiency market would include offering up to a million interest-free loans to households during the next Parliament to help with the costs of installing energy efficiency measures