NFRC supports its members during COVID-19 outbreak

James Talman is the NFRC's chief executive officer

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) has launched a dedicated service to support members during the coronavirus outbreak over the following months.

The NFRC established a COVID-19 section on its website aimed at keeping members informed on personal health and business support.

It wants to ensure its members that it is following all official advice from the Government and NHS during this period. The NFRC will also aim to reinforce all valuable information to its members through feedback on matters particular to the roofing industry.

NFRC members will have access to a dedicated:

This webpage will cover both personal health and financial advice and is aimed at being the first point of information for members.

The federation will continue to keep this page updated for any information and advice that is relevant to the roofing industry.

  • Telephone line: 0330 123 4714

This phoneline has been set up for members for any additional queries about how COVID-19 may affect their business.

This dedicated mailbox will allow members to contact the NFRC if they seek additional information or advice that is not available on our webpage.

James Talman, chief executive of the NFRC, said: “Apart from promoting a dedicated phone number on all matters related to COVED-19, it is essential that we are receiving information and feedback from all strands of our membership.

“There are common matters and there will be issues which affect large employers, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), micro businesses and the self-employed. We need to consider the whole supply chain, the importance of two-way communication and how we can assist to keep it working as best as possible.

“We are well placed through our federal structure to have a clear understanding of regional variations and the situation in the devolved nations.”