NIA highlights new PAS2030

The National Insulation Association (NIA) is advising specifiers and industry of the new revised PAS2030 which will be published at the end of January and will govern the national standards that installers must work to in the installation of energy efficiency measures.

The new PAS2030 will be more comprehensive and robust than the current one and include the following additional items:

  • The initial assessment of properties for suitability to receive the measures
  • The system design and design detailing
  • Specific industry standards and specifications setting out the standards all installers must work to such as the new NIA Specification for installing EWI with fuel burning appliances, Room in Roof Insulation survey form and best practice guide and loft insulation specification
  • Stricter competency ratios (number of trained operatives) per site
  • All sub-contractors will need to be PAS2030 accredited as well as the main contractor.

Neil Marshall, chief executive of the NIA, commented: “Whilst the improvements to PAS2030 are welcomed, they will only be as effective as the strength of the policing and enforcement by the PAS2030 Certification Bodies.

“Therefore the NIA is adding the requirement for our members to adhere strictly to the new PAS2030 to our rules of membership. If we then receive reports/complaints from householders or specifiers of insulation works that an NIA installer member is not complying with PAS2030 we will investigate this and take strong disciplinary action which can include suspension or expulsion if a breech is found.

“We would therefore urge householders and specifiers of insulation works including Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Energy Companies, Builders and Architects to choose NIA members to carry out work and incorporate a requirement for NIA membership in their future tenders for insulation projects as this will provide an additional level of assurance, enforcement and recourse.

“To help specifiers in this regard we have introduced a new ‘Expressions of Interest and Tender Request’ Service whereby if specifiers provide us with details of projects and specifications we will circulate these to our members saving specifiers time and money.”

Specifiers interested in the service should contact Bev Hodson at the NIA or call 01525 383313.