The UK locations most in demand of tradespeople revealed

A survey from tradespeople insurer Markel Direct has revealed which UK locations are experiencing the greatest shortage of tradespeople.

The study found that 46% of UK homeowners have struggled to hire a tradesperson for their projects or repairs, with the top reasons cited being “no availability” by 46% of respondents and “shortage of specific trade in the area” by 34%.

Markel Direct then analysed the number of searches for certain trades in cities across the UK and comparing this to listed businesses offering that trade. Out of 46 cities analysed, 19 were revealed to not have enough tradespeople to meet the search demand of the residents.

The data revealed that Norwich was the city with the most trades with shortages compared to searches per 10,000 residents. It was found to have shortages of nine trades including bricklayers, carpenters and electricians.

Peterborough, Swansea and York were all found to have a shortage of eight trades, with each city needing more plumbers, carpenters and carpet fitters. Plymouth was found to have a shortage of seven of the 13 trades looked at.

When it came to the trade with shortages in the most cities, the data revealed it was the jack of all trades “handyman/person” which are in short supply, with 15 out of 46 cities not having enough businesses to meet the search demand.

Next was plumbers, of which there were a shortage in 12 cities out of 46 analysed. Plumbers were also found to be the most in demand trade nationally, according to searches of “plumber” an “plumber near me”, with 44 out of 46 cities showing the highest monthly search volume for this trade above the others.

In joint third place was bricklayers and carpenters, of which seven cities didn’t have enough businesses in the area to meet the residents’ demand.

Number of UK cities with shortage of skilled trades 

Trade Cities with shortage of trade
Handyman/person 15
Plumber 12
Bricklayer 7
Carpenter 7
Carpet fitter 6
Electrician 5
Plasterer 4
Joiner 3
Painter and decorator 3
Landscaper 2
Tiler 2
Builder 1


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