Trad Safety Systems looks to the future with high investment

Trad Safety Systems Trad Safety Systems has begun a multi-million pound business investment in an effort to become the UK’s leading fall safety solutions supplier.

Since the takeover of the Trad Group by the Altrad Group, the company has been investing in people, products and depots to improve customer service and become a “one-stop-shop” solution to all their work at height needs. As a result, Trad Safety Systems says it now has the biggest nationwide network of local depots, having increasing its staff count by 20% and expanding its product range. 

Jim Gorman, operations director for Trad Safety Systems, said: “For many years companies have tried to retrofit existing products into projects, but Trad Safety Systems have always striven to be innovative. While we have lots of existing products, our heavy investment in people with vast fall safety experience and expertise will further enable us – with the new design and fabrication service – to create traditional and bespoke solutions to help make working at height even safer. 

“Trad Safety Systems always aim to do things slightly different but better; we want to create better ways of doing things, something new and bespoke to save time, money and lives.”

Mr. Gorman continued: “With substantial investment, supported by group managing director, Des Moore, and the substantial financial resources provided by The Altrad Group, Trad Safety Systems has one aim: to become the ?first choice’ for fall safety systems for safety and quality. We are ambitious and we want to grow.  We aim to achieve growth over the next three years, but not for an increased market share alone, but because we believe our quality and safety ethos will provide a better service for UK customers.

“We are confident we have now laid the foundations to build upon. Since the changes started taking place, the turnover has already increased by 40% and we believe this growth will continue to enable our company to provide a quality and safe one-stop-shop for as many new customers as possible.”

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