Vivalda Group launches nationwide recruitment drive

Peter Johnson is chairman and founder of Vivalda Group
Peter Johnson is chairman and founder of Vivalda Group

Vivalda Group has launched a major recruitment drive to provide employment opportunities to cost estimators, designers, warehouse operatives, drivers, sales managers and IT specialists who may have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The £37 million turnover business is looking to fill numerous roles at its sites in Cumbernauld (Scotland), Hull Manchester, Birmingham, London, Swanley and Cheltenham.

At a time of economic uncertainty, Vivalda is displaying its contrarian instincts that have taken it to market leadership – building up resources during the good times and investing heavily in recession. This instinct has led to the company being named by the London Stock Exchange as one of Britain’s most admired businesses in 2018 and 2019.

Peter Johnson, chairman of Vivalda Group, said: “My heart goes out to sectors of the economy where there is little prospect of a return to work, but at least in construction we have the full blessing of government  to restart in earnest, especially where remediation work on unsafe cladding is concerned.

“Thankfully we have the certainty of the £1.6 billion government ‘Building Safety Fund’ to replace dangerous cladding with the non-combustible type we supply. That’s what’s fuelling our new recruitment drive.”

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