CUPA PIZARRAS brings modern solar power to heritage-style home

CUPA PIZARRAS' Thermoslate product
CUPA PIZARRAS' Thermoslate product

When a newbuild Georgian style home in Harpenden, Hertfordshire required a sustainable solution for its heating and hot water demands, CUPA PIZARRAS’ THERMOSLATE proved to be the ideal solution.

A solar slate system, the product provided the efficiency required for the project without affecting the period-style features of the home.

‘Pennypond House’ was built in time-honoured red brick, with the original design gaining inspiration from the traditional Georgian Rectory style. Due to this, the Cozens family desired a slate roof as they knew it would complement their design aspirations. In addition, nearly all the historic houses in Harpenden have slate roofs, enabling the family to make a design decision that was sympathetic to the local vernacular.

Juliette Cozens said: “When designing our new home, the appearance was key, but introducing sustainable credentials was very important to us. I liked the idea of having solar panels on my roof, but I was not convinced by the visual impact they would have on the exterior of the property.”

“We were so pleased to discover this vital innovation and for our home to have the first THERMOSLATE installation in the UK. I’m sure this is only the start of the product’s international success.”

The first natural slate solar panel – THERMOSLATE – was developed as a result of Spanish regulations in 2006, which called for the required installation of solar thermal collectors in all new buildings and roof refurbishments. Now well-established in the European market, CUPA PIZARRAS’ THERMOSLATE provides no visual interference, optimum energy efficiency and a straight-forward installation process.

A key feature of natural slate solar collectors is that they offer an invisible solution, integrating completely with the roof or façade. Subsequently, THERMOSLATE met the required criteria for the Cozens family as it is ideal for the refurbishment of heritage buildings in protected areas, or for private projects where the look of the building must meet specific guidelines.

Juliette also spoke about the impressive results the family has experienced since the THERMOSLATE system was installed. She continued: “We have found it very exciting to watch the new system in action. During the height of summer, the system was still operating at 60% efficiency at 8pm in the evening, with the collector at 40°C.”

DMC Roofing completed the installation for this project. Dave Curran, owner at DMC Roofing, said: “Pennypond House was a new timber frame project, and we found the installation smooth and effective. THERMOSLATE provided the accurate and subtle solution needed to gain approval for the design in the planning stages.

“We’ve worked with CUPA PIZARRAS’ slate many times before and have found the brand to be easily available and high-quality, and this was equally the case with THERMOSLATE. We recommend this manufacturer to our customers as the slate is durable, long-lasting and creates a stunning overall look to any property.”