Marley Eternit offers antique texture

marleyA housing development built on the edge of one of Britain’s largest town parks has used Marley Eternit’s Acme Double Camber clay plain tiles in Antique to create textured roofs that reflect the local architecture and meet conservation requirements.

Arbour Mews is a luxury development of nine four and five bedroom homes located on the edge of the 164-acre Harlow Town Park. Part of the development, built by Kier Living, is in a conservation area and there is a listed building next door to the site entrance, meaning that choosing the appropriate roof tiles was an important part of the planning process.

James Griffiths, senior planning manager at Kier Living, said:

“We chose Marley Eternit’s Acme tiles because of the availability of suitable colours and finishes and the fact that they are the only manufacturer to offer a double camber tile. Due to the high roof pitches that are common in Essex, there was a larger expanse of roof than we would normally expect to see. The double camber design of the tiles helped to give the roof a strong texture, therefore breaking up what would otherwise have been an over dominating roof.”

Marley Eternit says the Acme Double Camber clay plain tiles are unique because they have both a longitudinal and latitudinal camber, giving designers the opportunity to create highly textured roofscapes with accentuated light and shade.

Sarah Jackson, marketing product manager at Marley Eternit, said:

“Arbour Mews is a very striking development, which blends in well with the rural surroundings. This project is a great example of how clay tiles can be used to complement local architecture while at the same time giving individual character to properties. The blend of colours, combined with the double camber, means that the Acme clay plain tiles can be used to create strong textures and give lasting beauty which will improve with each passing season.”

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