HD Sharman’s Gutterline has Mitie Tilley covered

hdHD Sharman has undertaken a project in collaboration with Mitie Tilley Roofing for a UK blind company.

The firm’s Gutterline system was utilised for the project after the customer’s 50 year-old roof had started to leak, risking long-term structural harm and imminent damage to products and machinery.

As part of Mitie Tilley’s roof repair works, a solution was needed that would prevent the gutters from leaking for good, providing long-term protection to the building from water ingress and related structural damage.

Mitie Tilley recommended Gutterline as, according to HD Sharman, it is the only gutter-lining to be approved by the UK’s major construction authority, the British Board of Agrement, and provides a 25 year guarantee.

Peter Brierley, Mitie Tilley’s business development manager, said: “Our customer considered several gutter protection solutions, but on our advice opted for Gutterline, on account of its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and long-term reliability.

“Also, on this job we needed a solution that could be quickly installed without disrupting the customer’s operation, and from experience, we knew that Gutterline had us covered.”

HD Sharman manufactured a single roll of made-to-measure Gutterline for fast installation, and provided Mitie Tilley’s team with the free training and support necessary to ensure that the product was correctly installed. The roof refurbishment was undertaken earlier this year and the entire Gutterline installation was completed in approximately six weeks.

Mark de Rozarieux, managing director of HD Sharman, added:  “HD Sharman is a family firm that has built its name on a strong product and exemplary customer service. Mitie Tilley shares this commitment to excellence, and we are delighted to have been able to work with the company once again to deliver a lasting solution.”

Gutterline creates a waterproof gutter within a gutter, leaving the original structure untouched and eliminating the need for structural work. Pliable enough to fit to any gutter, regardless of structure, age or material, Gutterline can tolerate changes in temperature and building movement without splitting.


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