New waterproofing solution stacks up

Chimney Drip Tray The Chimney Drip Tray has been launched to provide instant waterproofing to chimney stacks.

The product has been developed to address the issue of unprotected stacks, which Chimney Protect says is the only part of the average home that is not protected by rainwater drips.

The Chimney Drip Tray is designed to replace the practice of flaunching, where cementing around the crown of the chimney stack can provide little protection from rainwater running around the concrete slab, usually used to protect against weather. This means rainwater can get trapped by brickwork and result in the growth of moss and other plant life which ultimately causes damage.

Successfully presented to the Brick Development Association (BDA) and the National House-Building Council (NHBC) in 2013, the tray comes boxed in a simple kit with full instructions to allow easy installation. It can be used on old and brand new properties, stone, even on stacks that have distorted out of shape.

The Chimney Drip Tray has also successfully achieved a full 20-year product patent. The product is also likely to be more readily available as several approaches have already been made to stock the product as an in-house roofing line. The product’s inventor, Peter Watkin, is also actively seeking private investment to take this potentially international product to the next level.

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