Pink is the new black

A single section of hot pink has enhanced the rear of a newly renovated property in London. The colourful hopper, piping, foot piece and coordinating clips from Guttercrest sit on a modern kitchen extension.

The ‘unapologetic splashes of colour’ by homeowner David Wartnaby were intended to make something utilitarian stand out as a little ‘featurette’ on the property. The colour, which looks magnificent against both the brick work and the nearby green foliage, was chosen in response to a splash of green paint that is in the opposite corner of the garden.

Homeowner David, who is a professional voiceover, said: “I wanted to add a pop of colour next to fairly foreboding – but very cool – dark grey windows. I also knew that if I ever got sick of it, a simple downpipe is something that was very easy to change!

“I chose Guttercrest products because they’re good value, have an easy to navigate website, and are very helpful on the phone. Plus, the ‘any colour you like’ attitude, and speedy delivery times.”

Guttercrest says it regularly accepts orders for bespoke shapes, sizes and colours, but it’s the first time hot pink RAL4010 has been used on the firm’s range of aluminium rainwater products.

Glen Beech, technical sales at Guttercrest, said: “Pink guttering isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we pride ourselves on being able to produce something completely bespoke, even on a standard guttering product and for those that have the vision and the confidence to go for it, it can look brilliant as it does in this case. Who knows, it might catch on.”