Brett Martin helps transform Leighton Buzzard train station

Mardome rooflights from Brett Martin have been used to transform the Leighton Buzzard railway station by bringing light into the station to improve the customer experience.

Following years of exposure to the elements and damaging UV rays, the original acrylic dome rooflights at Leighton Buzzard station became unsightly as well as ineffective at delivering the daylighting levels required over the ticketing and passenger concourse areas directly underneath.

Project consultants TTPP specified Brett Martin rooflights for the unusual roof layout, which has a lattice arrangement of rooflights. As only the glazing element of the rooflights needed replacing, Mardome Reflex was specified. Technical experts from Brett Martin carried out a site survey and a subsequent visit to replace one of the original domes, ensuring a perfect fit before manufacturing 130 Mardome Reflex rooflights for the whole roof.

Despite access to the high roof being a challenge, the Mardome Reflex rooflights were installed on time and on budget by working at height specialist contractor, Avalonpro during engineering hours to avoid disruption to the entrance and ticket office area of the station.

Mark Greenhalgh, abseiling manager for Avalonpro, said: “Our team removed the existing glazing elements and then installed between 8-12 Mardome Reflex rooflights per night. All rooflights were then water tested and the roof area cleaned.”

Supplied with double skin clear polycarbonate, the Mardome Reflex rooflights will offer the station co-extruded UV protection, which will protect the rooflights for at least 20 years.

Offering technical solutions to overcome the complexity of a wide range of roof types, Mardome rooflights are suitable for use on flat, low pitched or curved roof structures where the roof pitch is up to 15ø. They are also compatible with all major flat roofing manufacturers’ systems – including single ply, bituminous, metal, liquid applied, asphalt and green roofs

Brett Martin says refurbishments such as Leighton Buzzard station now make up approximately 40% of UK construction projects, and so the company is continuing to develop the Mardome range to meet the needs of a range of refurbishment types. This has included the addition of the new 300mm tall kerb option for use with other products in the range.

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