How much value does a new roof add to your customer’s property?

Your customer’s property is an asset with a value that should be appreciated over time. However, this is largely dependent on other factors like maintenance, as well as the development happening in the surrounding area among others.

A run-down property will fetch very little money when it is put up for sale. There are several home improvement ideas that homeowners can undertake to improve the value of their property before putting it up for sale, and ultimately get the much desired SSTC status. Interestingly, the installation of a new roof is not usually among the top 10 most talked-about ideas.

So how much value does a new roof add to your property?
To begin with, customers need to understand that a roof is one of the things prospective buyers will see first before getting into the property. This means that not only does a new roof increase the value of a property, but also the curb appeal. In fact, a new roof could also accelerate the selling time because it also improves the safety and structural integrity of the property.

A survey carried out by Zopa asked users of the service who had taken home improvement loans about the changes they made to the property and how much they got after selling it. The findings showed that a new roof could give you a return on investment (ROI) of up to 63%, whereas improvements to the loft, kitchen or bathroom registered a return on investment of 50%, 49% and 48% respectively.

Before selling a property, a roof survey must be done to not only determine the condition and quality, but also look out for any noticeable damage that could affect its value. If the buyer will be required to pay for expensive roof repairs and maintenance, this will affect the value and could even result in them pulling out of the sale. Even then, homeowners must understand that the value of a new roof is also subject to other external factors, such as location of the property and the style of the roof.

How to increase the value of your house with a new roof?
Like several other exterior aspects of the property, a roof will be among the first things prospective buyers will notice when they come to view your property. As the roof is one of the first things potential buyers will see, you must ensure it is in good condition.

Some of the things you can increase the value of your home with a new roof includes: Be sure to incorporate new materials, tiles and colours that give the property a modern touch. Take time to review the many roofing types and styles available to ensure the roof replacement serves the greater purpose of giving your customer’s home a new appeal and increasing the value of their property.

Ensure the installation is carried out by an experienced roofer. This guarantees longevity and performance. Poor workmanship can be costly because potential buyers can easily spot the flaws from a distance. This can water down the value of your property.

You should not compromise the safety of the property when you talk about its roof and how it contributes to the overall value. A new roof will eliminate possible problems like growth of moss, rot, trapped dampness, cracked tiles and other factors. Not only will these pose a health risk but it will also compromise the structural integrity.

A new roof will also help to eliminate issues of pests or materials containing asbestos that are unhealthy. Installing a new roof means you are guaranteeing safety not just for your customer but also for prospective buyers.

Although it will cost the owner a significant amount of resource to replace the current roof, it is worthwhile in the end. Buyers will be particularly interested in the property because of the energy efficiency savings compared to a damaged roof, which often translates to high energy bills.

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