Safe2Torch response: credit to the contractors


Dear editor

Everywhere we look now in construction forums, the flat roofing membrane manufacturers are committing to and lauding the NFRC “Safe2Torch” Campaign. Rightly so, this is a long overdue and very positive move. However, it would give the impression that this initiative was driven by some or all of these material suppliers and I find myself having to take exception to that. For almost three years now the prominent flat roofing contractors have recognised these risks and fought (literally fought) for these changes in attitude, none more so than M&J Group and Russell Trew. Most, if not all of the positive elements of this campaign are contractor ideas, something the aforementioned contractors have been operating for some time. With the sterling help of Kevin Taylor and Gary Walpole at NFRC, we were able to finally get these manufacturers to acknowledge their responsibilities and get this initiative ‘over the line’.

Hopefully now we can see some proper training of the material suppliers’ roofing surveyors putting these specifications together, and a reduction in the incidents that have unnecessarily blighted our industry and put contractors in the forefront of risk for far too long. Let us not rest on our laurels and continue to promote good practice and seek further improvements.

Yours sincerely,

Pete Henrickson
CEO (retired) M&J Group