A Keane start for SMD

Kevin Keane, SMD’s new national sales manager

Kevin Keane, SMD’s new national sales manager

Dorset-based SMD has appointed Kevin Keane as its new national sales manager.

Kevin has 23 years’ experience in the industry and has worked across Europe. In this role he will be based near Manchester, allowing him to oversee the whole of Britain.

He commented: “SMD is a strong, well-structured, long-standing and stable company with a great reputation that is well deserved. It is very forward thinking and leads the way in many areas across the sector. For example, it has a produced an excellent software package for engineers and a superb technical guidance (TGN) document – both freely available on its website.

“Health and Safety plays an important role to the extent that SMD has its own range of fall arrest systems and all products and services are dealt with by our own training manager. It really does things the proper way and is a caring company that I’m delighted to be working for.”