Three steps to getting your trade vehicle on the road for less

Zoe Price, freelance writer, looks at three ways any tradesperson can save money on their van’s running costs.

When you first begin a business for yourself after learning a trade, buying and operating a vehicle will likely be one of your first tasks. Even if you have been plying your trade for a while, you may find yourself looking for a new vehicle and being staggered at the costs.
While a van is likely to be a vital part of your business operations, it will also be one of your largest overheads, which means reducing your van’s running costs can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

In this quick guide we are going to look at three ways any tradesperson can save money on their van’s running costs.

Find the right vehicle for you and your trade

You can save a lot of money right at the start by choosing the right vehicle for your business that suits your needs as well as your pocket.

Many tradespeople make the mistake of buying a van that is too big for their business or has features that they don’t need and are expensive to maintain, such as a hydraulic rear lift. Don’t rush into purchasing a vehicle and make sure you take the time to source a vehicle that only has what you need and is the right size for your business.

Get the right insurance for your needs

Insurance for your trade vehicle will often be one of your highest regular costs, so you should take the time to find the best price possible.

If you live in Northern Ireland, for example, it is worth searching online for van insurance NI on a comparison site, to compare quotes from a number of different insurers to get a good quote for your business vehicle. For instance, Compare NI lets you search for van insurance NI quotes from more than 40 different providers, which increases your odds of finding a suitable policy at a competitive price.

Choose the right sign writing to get noticed on the road

Your trade vehicle is a moving advertisement for your business. Many people will see your van parked on the road or while you are out driving, and that will be their first introduction to your services.

When you choose your sign writing for your van, make sure you spend the money carefully on signage that is clear and distinctive and you will see a strong return on your investment. Make sure you keep your van clean too!

Running your own business as a tradesperson can be incredibly rewarding, and not just financially. Part of running a successful business is reducing your operating costs as much as possible in order to increase your company’s profits.

By making a few smart choices and planning ahead, you can save money while you operate your business and invest the money you save on new equipment or covering holidays or sick leave.

Hopefully, this quick guide has given you some of the information you need to start making a saving on operating a trade vehicle and get more jobs done while you save the money.