Cedral launches The Cedral Collections – a new on-trend, customer-centric range unified across Europe

Introducing the Cedral Collections. Four unique collections designed to help bring homeowners’ vision to life. There will now be 21 colours, arranged across the four collections, each reflecting a specific lifestyle and outlook. 

Cedral, the UK’s leading provider of fibre cement cladding has launched a new and refreshed collection of colours for its facade range.

Cedral has streamlined and refreshed its palette to keep up to date with changing tastes and lifestyle trends, to provide the variety that homeowners want now and to support the decision process.

Gianfranco Apicella, Head of Exteriors – Europe, says, “We’ve done this with lots of feedback from our customers, homeowners, to ensure that we keep on trend. We’ve simplified the range to ensure that we have the right colours to meet customers’ needs.”

Cedral worked with award-winning colour consultants, IVISUAL, who brought in colour science as well as an understanding of trends in lifestyle to the collection’s development. IVISUAL Creative Director and Co-Founder, Karine Steculorum, explains “When building a range, the lifestyle is a big part of it. Every lifestyle has its own character and it’s important to have colours in the range that suit them. We looked at gaps in the collection and looked at trends of how we’re living. For instance, research showed that natural colours are gaining popularity and muted colours are less popular now.”

The research showed where Cedral should add colours and which to drop and helped lead the way to introducing nine exciting new colours.

Alexandre Roux, European Brand Manager, Cedral, adds, “The new Collections and the presentation of colours gives good guidance to customers and will help them in the customer journey.”

Cedral’s new colour families, curated across four distinct ways of living are:

  • The Design Collection – a monochromatic palette aimed at modern, urbanites. This is the only collection that uses only existing colours and includes the bestselling colours.
  • The Natural Collection – a palette guided by nature with colours such as cocoa brown, sand yellow and ocean blue for growing families with a love of the outdoors.
  • The Classic Collection – With elegant chalk white, pebble grey and tea green, this collection is aimed at an older family, typically living in the suburbs.
  • The Expressive Collection – A rich palette with metal green, brick red and pewter grey, ideal for those wanting to put their own stamp onto an older property and for integrating modern materials in an extension or renovation.

Cedral has also launched its brand-new Cedral Visualiser, an app that will make it possible to use augmented reality to try different Cedral materials and colours on projects, so you can help customers specify their new facade in a few simple clicks.


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