Genius Facades increases production with latest WARDJet cutting system

WARDDJet X-series
WARDDJet X-series

Wolverhampton-based Genius Facades has radically enhanced its production capability, following the installation of a WARDJet X-2040 waterjet cutting system supplied by Telford-based AAG (AXYZ Automation Group).

The company is a designer and manufacturer of customised building envelope systems that have an A1 non-combustible fire rating and are fully compliant with the stringent safety and performance standards set by the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT).

In addition to maintaining these standards and to provide more flexibility in the processing of a wider range of materials, Genius Facades decided to add a WARDJet X-2040 large-format waterjet cutting machine to its extensive range of production equipment.

The machine incorporated several production-enhancing features supplied as standard by AAG, but were supplemented by Genius Facades, with a pneumatic drill for pre-piercing laminated materials.

Combined with a hybrid abrasive and water-only cutting feature, Genius Facades is now able to process a much wider range of materials.

Richard Bland, the company’s production director, said: “The X-2040 has performed flawlessly and the service provided by AAG engineers has been exceptional prior to, during and following installation of the machine. The X-2040 has become a valuable factory asset and has enabled a significant increase in our production capacity.”

Part of the X-Series of three different-sized waterjet cutting systems, the X-2040 incorporates multiple cutting heads and provides a maximum cutting speed of 20 metres/minute. Optional machine features include an integrated water level control system and the latest Apex-60 5-axis cutting head, for more complex cutting at angles of up to 60°.

The Apex-60 also provides a more cost-effective secondary finishing function on cut bevels, weld preparation, grinding, chamfering and countersinking, which would otherwise require additional employees and thus add to operating costs.

The waterjet cutting systems supplied by AAG will process a wide range of materials. Typically, these include stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, cast and wrought iron, brass, bronze and associated alloys, stone, marble, solid and composite rubber formulations, ceramics, glass and foam, all of which are not suitable for AAG’s traditional AXYZ CNC routing/cutting systems.